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By Des Boodam


Back on track – and although there were so many more lineups that clipped value, we got in and finished in the cash in week 6.

There were a bunch of killer lineups again in a week where several QBs went off, and both Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon crushed value as well.  Most players had at least one of those two.  Several high end WRs showed out as well included Julio Jones and Antonio Brown.

The chalk was good to people, while others got sucked in by Calvin Ridley and Isaiah Crowell.  The Cleveland defense was a disaster so I need to own that as well.  Pay attention in Week 7, because I’m going to break some rules, I’m not proud of it, but I don’t see another way…. I’ll explain below.




  • Week 1: 149.30 points – EASY MONEY – CASHED
  • Week 2: 133.98 points – Escaped – CASHED
  • Week 3: 119.60 points – Super Gritty – CASHED
  • Week 4: 174.90 points – Everyone was High – CASHED
  • Week 5: 113.50 points – That Sucked – NO CASH
  • Week 6: 132.56 points – C’s get degrees – CASHED


QB – Pat Mahomes vs Cincinnati 

I’m going all out at QB this week for many reasons.  I like Mahomes at home against the 5th worst pass defense in the NFL.  I see this game being a shoot out, and I loved how stoic he was at Foxboro against the GOAT… just throwing it down field.  He’ll use his feet as well, and I like his chance at 30 points.  I love Jameis Winston as well.


RB – Saquan Barkley at Atlanta

The Falcons are the third worst defensive team in the NFL, but they’ve decimated by injuries.  They give up the most slot receptions in the league as well as receiving yards to RBs.  Enter Barkley who’s on a fast track and has over 50 receiving yards in three straight games, with over 100 YFS in every game this season.  Just a friendly factoid, every player that’s ever started their career with 6 straight games of over 100 total yards has made the HOF… the math adds up here.


RB – Joe Mixon at Kansas City

This is a match made in heaven for the Bengals and Mixon who will attempt to have a balanced attack and can shoot it out against the Chiefs.  Fingers crossed for a major shootout.


WR – Robert Woods at San Francisco

No Cooper Kupp and a pretty bad secondary is a good combo.  The price point of $7700 is nice too considering he will get double-digit targets.  The 49ers run defense is decent, so Gurley might not run wild in this one.  Tyreek Hill for $100 more is out there too  — for a mini stack.
WR – Jarvis Landry at Tampa Bay

I want some part of this offense against the 2nd worst defense in the NFL including the absolute worst secondary in the league.  It’s going to be someone, and I’m betting on Landry who is an easy slot target for Baker Mayfield.


WR – Mohammed Sanu vs NYG

**** Injury watch **** keep an eye on this one, but if he plays, all eyes will be on Julio Jones, and only one eye will be on Sanu who has double-digit out put in 4 straight games.  He’s at home and under $6K.


TE – C.J. Uzomah at Kansas City

Me likey 7 targets in a tough matchup last week vs Pittsburgh.  Praying for a shootout, so let’s make it happen.


FLEX – W. Snead vs New Orleans

This is going to be a tough game for the Saints, so the Ravens keeping it close will be good for Snead against his former team.  I’m looking for another 7-10 targets and a couple of red zone looks.


DEFENSE – Indianapolis vs Buffalo

I liked this a lot better when I thought Peterman was starting, but now that Derek Anderson has been picked up off the street I know longer see 5 picks in my simple mind.  Anderson is rusty enough to throw couple however and the IND front 7 is deceivingly good.  For $4100 you gotta do it.