By Des Boodam


It’s time for our weekly NINJA picks by position.  Just to recap – a NINJA is a super sneaky masked person, that has perfected the art of walking quietly and concealment.  Who is this week’s Albert Wilson – we don’t know, and won’t know until after this Sunday, but their out there, they are dirt cheap, and they are quietly waiting, and hiding in the shadows for you to pick them up and roster them.  Though ninjas are traditionally cheaper players who come out of the wood work, a NINJA could be an expensive player that the field is laying off of.  In a perfect world you would want a roster of low-owned players that go off… going for the chalk is not the name of the game.  You need a clan of ninjas that make you’re opponent think “why didn’t I think of that”


QB – C.J. BEATHARD vs LA RAMS  $6500


I am looking for the cheapest way to score 20 points at the QB position.  The 49ers are at home and BEATHARD has Kyle Shannahan walking him through each game.  He’s done nothing but produce fantasy relevant stats, and keep his team relatively competitive and that’s impressive.  He has 8 turnovers to only 7 TDs, but he’s still scoring 20 points and if he can cut out the turnovers he will post a major number.


RB – Ito Smith, Atlanta Falcons vs NY GIANTS $5600


I love this kid’s swagger, and with Deonta Frreemen gone for 8 games, Smith moves to the forefront where he’s expected to share equally the volume with Tevin Coleman.  He has a TD in three straight starts, and has a good enough matchup to give him a whirl in tournament play.




Some will fade Wilson out of fear he won’t repeat Week 6’s output.  I say that doesn’t matter each game is exclusive and Wilson will draw little attention from a Detroit secondary that is mediocre at best but can stop the run.   Wilson for $5600 is a great deal.


TE – Jordan Reed vs Cowboys $6K


With both Jamison Crowder and Paul Richardson out, look for Alex Smith to do something that he hasn’t all season… work the middle with several passes to Reed.  This one should crush value.




I like Miami’s defense through the season thus far.  They are averaging over 9 points per week and hosting mistake prone Matt Stafford and a team that struggles on the road.  For $3500 on a defense you can beef up on other subjects.