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By Des Boodam


Week 9 is in the books and we are back on track.  Cash game lineups should become easier to predict moving forward and Week 10 has some juicy matchups.  This week we are going with a different format where choose 3-5 players from each position and let you mix and match which lineup works for you.  I will rank the players in order of preference, and notate who I am playing.  In past years I’ve tweaked my line up after my article and achieved positive results.  This season, I am committing to sticking with the line up I recommend, but still challenge you to read your alerts, wherever your alerts come from.  This weekend there are several major injuries that may impact the fantasy cash game landscape so flexibility is the theme this week.


Week 1: 149.30 points – EASY MONEY – CASHED

Week 2: 133.98 points – Escaped – CASHED

Week 3: 119.60 points – Super Gritty – CASHED

Week 4: 174.90 points – Everyone was High – CASHED

Week 5: 113.50 points – That Sucked – NO CASH

Week 6: 132.56 points – C’s get degrees – CASHED

Week 7: 130.80 points –  Blown Coin Flips – CASHED

Week 8 : 118.94 points – Bullet Holes Everywhere – NO CASH

Week 9: 161.42 points – Four Players with Single digits… -still CASHED




Alex Smith – $7600 price point against the worst defense is worth a shot even with injuries on the O-line and at WR.

Jared Goff – At home against a SEATTLE team that locked him up pretty good first time out.  Goff is better, the Rams are better, and the Seahawks showed some major holes against the Chargers last week

Matt Ryan – he plays great on the road and the ATL defense is just bad enough to keep Cleveland in the game.  Plus the running game is week.  Very tempting




Kareem Hunthe’s an absolute stud right now on the ground and in the air and has the Cardinals at home – expect Spenser Ware in the 4th, but pray Arizona keeps it close.

Melvin Gordonanother stud with a wicked nice matchup against the Oakland Raiders.

Alvin Kamara – I think Kamara is in a good spot against the worst fantasy defense in the league, but this game scares me.  I expect a major let down for the Saints who have been in big games a lot lately, and the Bengals are coming off a bye.

Leonard Fournettehe’s dirt cheap at $7K and looks healthy enough at practice to handle a full workload.

Joe Mixon – I could make him work, but I’d have to trim a bunch at the WR position.  Great matchup this week though.




Mike Evans – He’s still a volume beast against a team with defense that should be better

Christian Kirk – new volume beast in Arizon – never ignore Fitz but never forget Kirk

Mohammed Sanu –  I like a full out aerial show from Atlanta in this one everyone eats

Cooper Kupp – how many times can I go to the well with Kupp? As many times as he’s priced under $7K

Jarvis Landry – he’s still getting mad targets in this offense – though more TDs would help.


Jordan Reed – He is dirt cheap and should see a ton of volume with so many Wrs injured.

Eric Ebron – Also dirt cheap, but should cost more given his red zone prowess.  Jacksonville will forget about him a bunch.




Buffalo Billsat New York Jets

New York Jets vs Buffalo Bills

LA Chargers  at Oakland Raiders