By Des Boodam


Well… it was time to put up or shut up.  Time to get busy living or get busy dying.  Time to pay the piper.  Time to turn your back on the world that’s turned it’s back on you.  Time to get back what you’ve put in. Time to make a move.

Week 13 was that time for us all… and for many of us we have been shut up, busy dying, paying the piper and are now too weak to do anything else.  We are laying on the ground flopping around with the sound knowledge that death is near.  It’s not just me, but many like me… in a week where I felt great about all seven of my picks I finished 2-5 with -20 points pushing me from 12th to 22nd and a total record a couple of games above .500 but with a total score in the negative.  I’M IN THE NEGATIVE – how embarrassing.  I am the highest ranked player on the board that’s got a negative score, but I’m not alone with the fall off.  Many people played themselves out of big prize this week, as it was a super trick week with some crazy outcomes.  Let’s see who ended up where after a crazy week.


Arizona pulled off what looks like the upset of the season this weekend, but if you look at the Packers on paper they aren’t that good, and haven’t been for the entirety of the season.  In actuality this wasn’t as big as it seemed.  The much bigger upset was Indianapolis after a nice run getting shut out by a Jacksonville team that has had the crappiest of runs.  This is why we have to recognize the two players this week that finished 6-1 with 23.80 points.

NFL picks in the World Series of Handicapping contest are not made easily, so I have to give props to MPI4 who was only zapped by choosing INDIANAPOLIS to cover the spread.  A lot of the top dogs avoided this game and are reaping the benefits.  MPI4 couldn’t lay off and it cost them $50, but great show this week.  Many had Indy with a confidence value of 7.  Poker also finished 6-1 with the same point total and had more faith in the San Francisco than the betting public did.  Good week gamers.


Fred14 is still at the top of the standings with only a 13 point lead.  2nd place gamer PunchFaceJenkins gained 2.10 points on Fred14 in week 13… but will need to average more than that in weeks 14-17 if they are going to overtake the leader.  3rd place and beyond is more than 20 points back, but still have a shot.  Everything has to go right and all competitors within striking distance simply need to land their picks and their accurately assign their confidence points.  There’s really no margin for error here as they have to average a five-point gain every week for the next four weeks.  This is much easier said than done, but still doable.


Good luck gamers.