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By Des Boodam

I think we all know how last week went.  If you don’t know who the cash line-up for the Wild Card round went, I’m so sorry, because that means you didn’t play it.  The truth is, that it was one of my better lineups this season and cashed with ease.  I know there’s only four games in the mix, but that’s eight teams to choose from, which isn’t all the way easier.  I have a clear strategy during playoff time, and it involves a little risk, and a lot of understanding of how game flow works.  What does team X need to do to beat team Y and who will team X need to achieve that victory.  If team X is going to need everybody, then choosing players from team X is a bad idea.

If team X is going to have a clearcut offensive strategy, than predicting player performance should be pretty easy.  Even without predicting outcomes (which I was 2-2) nailing player production last week was like taking candy from a baby.  Eric Ebron against the Texans was a no brainer.  All the QBs are the same in the playoffs – here what I am saying.  This week is no different.  Pick who you want at other positions, and whatever QB you can afford after that, go with them.  There is no right or wrong QB play this week… ALL have identical value.  If I have to lean – than see below.  Who’s ready to go into work on Monday, will a little more net worth????

QB – ANDREW LUCK at Kansas City

I’m leaning Luck over Brees, because Luck can run.  I think he will shred the crap defense that is the Chiefs, and the New Orleans could go super run heavy.  Indy will go balanced, meaning Luck hucks it 30 times.

RB – MARLON MACK at Kansas City

As I mentioned I think this is a balanced attack where Mack gets 22 touches.  He may be deemed an elite back after this one… he’s been a top 5 back since week 8 – and gets very little love in the daily game.

RB – EZEKIEL ELLIOT at Los Angeles Rams

Zeke is the best fantasy RB right now and has a decent matchup.  The Cowboys will give him touches in this one and they should, he’s as dynamic as they come and in line for a big game.

WR – KEENAN ALLEN at New England – The guys had less than 6 targets once all season and it was against a defense that is much better than New England.  I fear for my Patriots in this one, and expect an aerial show on both sides of the ball in Foxboro.

WR – JULIAN EDELMAN vs Los Angeles Chargers

I used to avoid New England pass catchers, but Brady no longer has the ability to spread the ball around, which means it’s going to be the Julian Edelman and James White show on Sunday, likely in a losing effort.  10 targets in fantasy is all you care about though.


He has filled in admirably for Cooper Kupp and I don’t think the Cowboys can lock up Reynolds.  Look for another 7 targets including looks in the red zone.

TE – ERIC EBRON at Kansas City

I’m not paying for Kelce or Ertz when Ebron has been seeing the same volume and more red zone targets than both of them combined.  Come on people pay attention.


Umm – 8 targets in his first game back – yes please… and he got some deep balls too.  Another toy for Brees and honestly he could be the reason why the Saints go all the way.

DEF – DALLAS COWBOYS at Los Angeles Rams

This is a throw away here, so hopefully something happens… but I don’t like any defense, I think they all can get dialed up.