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By Des Boodam


After Thursdays debacle I am having to create a new category.  I’m just not sure what to call it, or how to categorize it.  The cash line up I pushed out to you for Thursday’s game was great, aside from a dud from Jaylen Brown, which I still can’t explain AND and DNP play by Blake Griffin.  They DNP is problem, in that I recommended the lineup on Wednesday night and typically you should be able to set it and forget it.  If you did that, you were toast… but if you checked your line up around 6:55pm you would be able to make the change as I did.  Admittedly this is a colossal pain in the arse, especially for someone like me who has kids and is trying to wind my evening down but usually caught up in a whirlwind of chaos instead.  Failing to pivot last minute DNP to another active player usually creates the same whirlwind of chaos to your daily fantasy hope and dreams.  When this happens – I don’t think I’m going to count it against my overall record, because I cashed with my recommended lineup… aside from Griffin with whom I subbed out for another player.  I have to be able to own my shortcomings, and for those of you who played my recommendation – the Griffin DNP was the shortcoming… but I’m going to take a mulligan this week.  We have better things to come.


PG – Damien Lillard @ DENVER

Any game that get’s too technical and a lot of strategy and game planning is involved is not a great fit for Lillard from a fantasy standpoint.  Anytime he has open range and his team will be playing from behind is a good thing…. A matchup against Denver should yield great fantasy fruit.


PG – Jalen Brunson vs GOLDEN STATE – he’s filling in for J.J. Berea as the starter and gives us cheap minutes.


SG – Luka Doncic vs GOLDEN STATE – perhaps the greatest acquisition in terms of value by the Mavericks… he’s going to be the focal point of this offense and the Warriors won’t be dead set on locking him down.


SG – Kentavious Caldwell-Pope vs CLEVELAND

Super cheap minutes, and great matchup… plus KCP has been hot lately.


SF – Evan Turner @ DENVER – Is starting with Moe Harkless out – cheap minutes is the name of the game to today’s lineup.


SF – Michael Beasley vs CLEVELAND

Super efficient over the last three games and with all the injuries on the Laker’s roster right now, another 20 minutes is in store –


PF – Kyle Kuzma vs CLEVELAND

Before Lebron went out Kuzma was the clear number #2 on this team.  Currently he’s the clear #1 and the Lakers have the tastiest of matchups tonight.


PF – Draymond Green @ DALLAS

I don’t feel great about Draymond here, but feel less greatness with the other PF’s on this slate.  Green plays well on the road, and has had a great five game stretch since 2019 tipped… I expect this trend to continue.


C – Nikola Jokic vs PORTLAND

I’m playing Jokic in cash games when he’s matched up against teams that don’t have a prolific Center – Portland qualifies and Jokic should be unstoppable in this one.
Good Luck Gamers