Sports Betting Value Report- College Basketball Conference Tourneys

Sports Betting Value Report


What is the Sports Betting Value Report?

The Sports Betting Value Report is a sports betting publication which identifies the best valued money line underdog plays on the betting board. Only games with an opening line of +150 or less are posted.

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Value Play Opening Line Value Rating Win/Loss Margin Premium/Discount Projected Win% Current Line Optimal Line
Hofstra +125 60 (0.46) Even 45% +125 +134
North Dakota State +110 58 (1.96) 32% 48% +145 +119
Hartford +105 52.50 +2.21 Even 43% +105 +146
Georgia Tech +110 52.50 (0.78) 4% 48% +114 +119
Boston College +100 52.50 +0.32 5% 50% +105 +110
Coppin State +135 46 (3.15) Even 43% +135 +146



Key Indicator= Considered a positive indicator for the Value Play for which it is assigned.

Value Play: Any Money Line Underdog with an opening betting line of +150 or lower. H=Home, A=Away

Opening Line: All opening lines are from the Las Vegas Westgate Super book.

Value Rating:  Our Value Rating is based on our team ranking system, our projected win/loss margin and the odds of the Underdog Money Line.  The Value Rating is based on the current line.  Key Indicator= 50 or greater

Win/Loss Margin: Our Projected win/loss margin by the underdog versus the favorite.  Key Indicator= (3 Points or less, one possession)

Note: The underdog does not have to have a winning margin in order for it to be considered a good value play

Premium/Discount: The percentage increase/decrease from the opening line to the current line. Key Indicator= 5% premium or greater.

Projected Win %: How likely the Value Play is to win the game outright based on the OPENING money line assigned by Las Vegas bookmakers.

Current Line: The current line at the time our report is released.  All lines are from Key Indicator= Green Highlight indicates the current line is posting above the optimal line.

Optimal Line: This line represents the highest premium we believe the money line will be adjusted to.