Saskatchewan Roughriders ats record L3Y

Saskatchewan Roughriders: Point Spread Record Over the Last 3 Years

The Saskatchewan Roughriders' performance in the Canadian Football League (CFL) over the past three years has seen a mix of results. Let's delve into their Against The Spread (ATS), Straight-Up (SU), and Over/Under (O/U) records.

2022 Season

In the 2022 season, the Roughriders had a challenging run with a 6-12 SU record, indicating a tough season. Their 7-11-0 ATS record shows that they frequently fell short of the spread set by sportsbooks. The ‘under' was the prevalent outcome in terms of total points, with a 7-10-1 O/U record.

Home Favorites Record

Over the past three years, when positioned as home favorites, Saskatchewan displayed a more promising performance with a 17-6 SU record. However, their ATS record was slightly above break-even at 11-10-2. The games tended to fall short of the predicted total points, with a 9-14-0 O/U record.

Home Underdogs Record

As home underdogs, the Roughriders struggled with a 0-4 SU record over the last three years, showing a tough time winning in this position. They also failed to cover the spread in a majority of these matches, with an ATS record of 1-3-0. The games had a mixed bag of outcomes regarding total points, resulting in an O/U record of 1-2-1.

Road Favorites Record

As road favorites, the Roughriders posted a 10-3 SU record, indicating solid performances away from home when favored. Their ATS record was also strong at 9-4-0, covering the spread in more than two-thirds of these matches. The outcomes were almost evenly split between ‘over' and ‘under' the predicted total points, with an O/U record of 7-6-0.

Road Underdogs Record

When playing as road underdogs over the past three years, the Roughriders faced a challenging scenario, with a 3-11 SU record. Their ATS record of 6-8-0 suggests they often fell short of the spread. The ‘under' was the more common outcome in terms of total points, with a 4-10-0 O/U record.

In summary, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have had a variety of outcomes in the CFL over the last three years. Their performance against the spread and total points provides useful insights for fans and betting enthusiasts planning for future seasons.

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