April 9th, 2018


With basketball fizzling out – it’s time to soon put on our baseball hats, because we are fixing to get a steady dose of MLB fantasy baseball – easily the most difficult fantasy sport to reign in.  After two straight days in the black – I’m more than ready to pass on the good word… the question is are you ready?  I’m going to look at the next days daily slate, and if it’s good I’m going to build my lineup the day before, and post it the day of.

If I post a line up, I play the line up… and so my recommendations are backed not only with numbers, but tremendous amount of conviction as well.  Of course play at your own risk, but play for fun… we are in this together.  Tomorrow is rich with value – let’s get started.


SP – Jon Gray vs San Diego $7,700

This is a tough one – but if we go with Gray here, we can really beef up our offense.  Scherzer, Verlander and Syndergaard are all on the board, and all going to post a big number.  I think Gray posts a good number as well, lower than the other guys, but he’s so much less, that you’ll have to make it up with offense.  I think we can!


1B/C – Joey Gallo vs Anaheim $3,200

Now it’s time to build power… listen, HRs win these tournaments and secure your chances of cashing out in cash games and placing in GPPs.  Texas is at home against a high ERA/WHIP pitcher in Garrett Richards.


2B – Cesar Hernandez vs Cincinnati $3,300

I feel like Hernandez is a bit pricey here – but I love the matchup at home against high ERA/WHIP pitcher in Cody Reed.  Hernandez is a stat sheet filler who has a little power and decent speed.


3B – Maikel Franco vs Cincinnati $3,300

See comments above on Hernandez.  I went with Franco on Sunday, and he was a disappointment, but that doesn’t matter.  Days are exclusive of each other.  Just because a player does bad one day doesn’t mean we assume  he’s bad the next day.  The same goes with the good days too.


SS – Elvis Andrus vs Anaheim $3,300

I have two stacks in tonight’s slate – and Andrus is at the top of one of them.  The Angels pitching staff hasn’t been great, and he gives us the best chance at a bomb or a SB… can’t pass that up.


OF – Odubel Herrera vs Cincinnati $2,500

Another player with a nice combination of power and speed, who has a great matchup.  He’s in the middle of line-up that allows him to see great pitches.  It’s a great spot for him


OF – Rhys Hoskins vs Cincinnati $4,900

Hoskins has been a beast  this year, and bats with guys on base all the time.  He got caught stealing third on Sunday, which pissed me off royally… but otherwise, he does exactly what we purchased him to do.


OF  – Yoenis Cespedes at Miami $3,800

I love the power upside here in South Beach.  Cespedes is hot right now but could still go 0-5.  I think he gets one out in this one and has the match up to do so.


Util – Lucas Duda vs Seattle $3000

In hindsight this whole lineup could lay an egg – so I’m going to play it light.  I will say, however, that Duda has a great match up in this one, and is a specialist at hitting bombs.  He’s being asked to do one thing in this game, and I think he does it, as we target long balls with this lineups.


Good Luck Gamers