By Des Boodam


So in the past I’ve tried to give you daily lineups, but that has proven to be too ambiguous with all the variable surrounding daily fantasy baseball.  Too often I was making changes on the fly and my initial lineups for that day were much different than the ones I was actually playing.   Now I’m going to hit you up with two articles every week from now until the end of the season.  One will revolve around offense and the other will revolve around pitching.  This way we can land the plane on matchups to target, while unpacking individual players and their projected performance.  This will give me the opportunity to breakdown ballparks and team performances as well, while also giving you the ability to make choices for yourself.  We will also put the light on individual positions as well with analysis along the way.




San Francisco at home to Arizona is a pitchers dream.  Arizona has been the second worst team in the majors offensively and you are likely going to squeeze out great value from the Giants mediocre staff including a return from the DL start by Madison Bumgarner.


St. Louis at home to Miami isn’t as good as the matchup above, but Carlos Martinez and company get the Marlins at home, and that can’t be bad.  St. Louis has been hot offensively which will hopefully free up SPs to be more liberal with their pitch selection.  I’m looking closely at the St. Louis staff this week.


The Cubs host a Phillies team that on paper seems like they have been handling business, but in reality, they are still struggling mightily offensively with the 2nd fewest hits by any team so far this season.  Add to the fact that Rhys Hoskins went on the DL for trying to eat a baseball and the Phillies offense seems to be pretty thin.




Kyle Hendricks vs Miami Marlins

One of the best staffs in the majors against one of the worst offenses in the majors, one would think this a sure thing.  I have learned to many hard lessons to make that claim, but I can tell you that I love the matchup.  I can see the Cubs continuing to crush their opponents in this one.


Max Scherzer vs Tampa Bay

This seems like another no brainer, but in the daily game, too often people try to get cute and finesse a cheaper pitcher.  I’m telling when Scherzer takes the mound at home against the soft hitting Tampa Bay Rays spend on the pitching, and select good offensive players.  The chances for double digit Ks are good.


Patrick Corbin vs San Francisco

I like Corbin to get you 6 innings with 6 Ks in this one, but don’t expect much.  Corbin’s velocity has been way down over his last five, but he’s gone Greg Maddux on the competition and still done well without overpowering stuff, but a lot of movement.  I like that Bumgarner is going to to be rusty as well, meaning Corbin could be spotted to an early lead.


Lance McCullers vs Seattle

I like any Houston pitcher at home against Seattle, but I know McCullers is a go for Tuesday, so I’m rolling with him.  Be excited about this start, as he could run the K count up there as well.  McCullers will be up and down all season but this one will be a major peak with the valleys coming some other time.  The Seattle lineup with Cano is pretty dreadful.


Good Luck gamers.