Des Boodram



The whirlwind that is the fantasy baseball trade deadline has come and gone and this year was just as buzz worthy as any in recent memory.  A lot more teams were involved than usual,  and many of those teams based on their moves are making a clear run even after being just above average for the season.  Of course most of the big dogs also made moves seemingly separating themselves from the other pretenders out there.  At the end of the day, Major League Baseball wins, because there is a ton going on in the sports world  and we’re talking baseball.  Let’s take a look at the potential fantasy impact some of these trades will have, pay attention.


It’s All About Yu


Yu Darvish owners should be ecstatic right now, because on draft day you picked up a solid pitcher likely in the 4th-5th round knowing he was pitching in a hitters park, in a tough division while hoping for the best.  Your patience and draft day patience has paid off, because now, not only will you get the best-case scenario Yu, you’ll get a major output of value.  Yu is now moving to a pitchers park, behind a stacked offense with a stacked defense behind him.  Wins will about, and that K rate should increase with all those National League lineups on the schedule.  Hold firm as Yu should single handedly lead you the playoffs and beyond.


Sonny Forecasts in New York


It looks like the Yankees received their now #1 pitcher in return for a couple of egg salad sandwiches in preparation for the playoff run.  Some may argue Tanaka is the team’s ace but his season era is still north of five ,which doesn’t jive.  Sonny Gray is counting his stars tonight folks because he went from Oakland to New York and has a shot at the ring.  Gray’s value holds, as he is pitching in a hitters park in a decent division.  He’ll get softer AL East division, but my guess is that he’ll pay his bills in the playoffs, which has little fantasy relevance.




This was a disaster for many owners, but others will have benefitted.  This happens every year, and you should plan accordingly.  If you have Addison Reed you are also screwed out of saves.   Instead AJ Ramos will benefit after coming from Miami. Another beneficiary of this craziness is Brad Ziegler owners who get saves for free. You dodged a bullet Ramos owners, but it looks that Reed owners caught the bullet instead.

When Dave Robertson got traded Anthony Swazark was the guy, until he got traded to Milwaukee.  Talk about some highs and lows from a saves perspective, as the big winner is the guy who picked up Tyler Clippard.


The Nationals acquire Sean Doolittle and Ryan Madson, and because no one really lost a Nats closer the pain has been dulled.  If you have Doolittle kudos to you.




J.D Martinez is killing it in Arizona, and thus, it couldn’t any better for owners.  This will NOT hurt you as he now plays in a better offense and a hitter’s park


Todd Frazier on the other hand needs all the help he can get.  Yankee stadium should help but this guy has fallen off the cliff.  You likely have thought about dropping him and I couldn’t agree more.