By Des Boodam


The NBA desperately needs two outstanding conference finals series, as the NBA worlds looks a 4th straight year of Golden State and Cleveland in the finals.  Aside from the expected nobody wants this… any combination of the four teams will do, but not the Cavs and the Dubs again!!   I’m neutral on this whole deal, because I’m selfish.  I’m in it for me – I’m looking at single game lines and player performance for Daily Fantasy sports, and what I’m seeing is music to my ears and my bank account… but how is this possible the both best of seven series are close right…


The series are both pretty square but the individual games have been anything but.  Like lipstick on a big, the NBA is on the brink of dodging a major bullet, because each series has the appearance of wire-to-wire finishes, while in reality of the 9 games played, only one has been close and the other eight have been a source of embarrassment.


Boston is 10-0 at home in the playoffs, making tonight’s outcome as predictable as any game in the Eastern conference thus far.   They are simply a different team, and although their youth appeared to have caught up with them, they took full advantage of the home cooking in Bean Town.  The Celtics who have won their three games by a total of 17 points don’t care about spread, ove/under or your fantasy roster…. The Cavs who have won their two games by an average of almost 20 points are the same, so at the end of the day it falls only on us why we are missing glaring trends in the NBA playoffs right now.

Game 6 is on Friday, and the whole world will be watching to see if Lebron will go Lebron and force a game 7.   The line is around CLE -7 depending on who you use, and that’s more than enough for Cleveland.  Boston is the better team, but Cleveland has the best player and possibly the two best players.  They are at home, Boston already believes the can’t lose at home, so expect the edge to be off and enjoy another Cleveland Cavaliers double digit win.  Yes I believe Boston has a better roster and is a better team right now, but none of that matters we all know Lebron is at his best when up against the ropes.



This one is a little trickier as both teams are competitive with each other and their lineups are align pretty well.  Houston always has a shooting guard on the floor, and Clint Capela is a tough match up in the post for Golden State.  That’s just  how they roll, so now here’s a team that can really  play in the low post and crash the boards with Ariz and Tucker.  The problem is Golden State is too slippery and versatile enough to adjust.  Matching threes is NOT the way to go to beat Houston, and deploying that strategy on Saturday will result in another a “L”.  Throw Durant in the post and let Green and Iggy or Iggy’s replacement crash and get to the line.  Houston doubled up Golden State in free throw attempts and that was the difference.
Vegas has HOU -1 which is basically a toss up, and I think they are right.  I believe Golden State takes this one, in another close and hotly contested game.  This is what we should want, but let’s not pretend this is what we have been getting.  Look for Durant to get back in this one and assert himself as the guy for Golden State as the NBA breathes a sigh of relief with a second worth while game in a row in this series.  Golden State 107  Houston 100