By Des Boodam


There’s someone for everyone in this year’s RB class, which isn’t always the case.  The position is a bit deeper than in years past, and you due to the depth at all impact positions, you want to make it a point to pick up the one you think will survive a 16 game season.  If you are in an auction draft, the RB you covet most is more, if you are willing to pay and as long as someone doesn’t have the same mind set as you while eyeing the same feature back.  My goal this year if I can’t get a top four back is to get two top 12 backs.  I believe there will be some great receivers left in the 3rd and 4th rounds, so I’m most likely going RB-RB with my first two picks.  I will have to feel out the auction drafts, as those can get wonky pretty quickly.  Let’s take a look at my top 10.


#1.  Todd Gurley – there’s nothing Gurley about how this guy plays.  This offense is stacked with premium playmaking athletes and an amazing scheme designed to give Gurley 25-30 touches every game, which will include 5-6 targets as well.   Gurley will hit his ceiling this season, and fantasy owners will be glad they took their shot.


#2.  Le’Veon Bell – He was great last season, but as an owner, I would’ve preferred a bit more given the price I paid.  I got it from both Gurley and Elliot.  Bell is in a prime spot in Pittsburgh where teams can’t stack the box… a sure bet no doubt…


#3.  Ezekiel Elliot – Zeke was one guy, while he played who gave owners exactly what they paid for.  He looked great even behind a line that was banged up.  Elliot was dynamic, and led the league in runs that were 10 yard or more.  I like Zeke even more this year, but the lack of dependable pass catchers is concerning as the offense is currently geared towards him getting the ball a bunch.


#4.  David Johnson – He could be the top fantasy RB if he stays healthy.  The biggest concern is his injury and whether or not having a new QB will create a growth curve that ultimately tells you how players should be valued.


#5.  Alvin Kamara – I love Kamara and think he’s the best fit for this offense.  He’ll enjoy an uptick volume in the first four games – with Mark Ingram being gone.  Ultimately he’s in a time share with Ingram, otherwise he’s top 5 easy.


#6.  Kareem Hunt – Hunt blew us away last year with his ability to pick up the game quickly… he had a swoon in the middle of the season before finishing strong, giving potential owners faith that he’s here to stay.  As long as Pat Mahomes can move the ball like Alex Smith Hunt will be fine.


#7.  Leonard Fournette – The Jaguars were the top rushing team in the NFL last season.  Fournette has the ability to be a top three back, but I actually see some digression here for the Jags as a team and Fournette individually.


#8.  Jordan Howard – Howard has been one of the most consistent backs over the last three years in the league.  He’s easy to miss in Chicago, but this offense will be much improved and reliant on the run.   If you can get him as your RB2, that’s a good thing.


#9.  Melvin Gordon – Just when we are about to leave Philip Rivers and the LA Chargers out they come back strong and compete for division championships.  Melvin Gordon is a huge part of this and has been great for two season.  Look for double digit TDs and 1300 total yards.


#10.  Dalvin Cook – as great as Cook was in college it seemed he would be a better pro.  Unfortunately we  are working with a small sample due to an injury, but all signs are pointing towards Cook coming back by Week 1.  If so, he’s a sneaky good pick on a blazing offense.  The sample size was small, but it was quite impressive.
Good Luck Gamers.