by Des Boodam


Merry Christmas to all – and to all a great daily fantasy football weekend.  I’ve already given you my main slate fantasy football line up, for Sunday’s games on FanDuel, but there are also two games on Saturday that you can play.  I love the four to six game slate the most, but the two game slate on Saturday has some fantasy goodness I want you to be aware of.  This also gets us ready for the first two weekends of playoff football, when we will have consecutive weeks with four game slates, meaning you make your meal with ingredients from only eight teams rather than 26.

So I’m going to lest each player by position that has some type of DFS significance (in my opinion)  I will list in them in order of price from highest to lowest – but I will identify 1-3 value picks at each position… ready??? GO!!


Phillip Rivers $9K – He’ll be the chalk on this slate – but you have to play him.  The other QBs should be played in tournaments only.

Lamar Jackson $8500 – If you think Lamar Jacksons will get two rushing TDs in this game, than you should play him

Marcus Mariota  $8K – Mariota offers the best value amongst QBs in this slate – he could very easily be the top dog.  But it’s most likey going to be the Derek Henry show.

Josh Johnson $7K – Beginners luck – he will be terrible this week against a defense that is hungry to make the playoffs.




Melvin Gordon $8600 – He’s coming off a hip injury – so I’m fading

Derrick Henry $8500 – Great value here, and you have to ride cannon ball for another week

Adrian Peterson $6500 – He’ll get a bunch of carries but that TEN defense is stingy – he’s super confident and Washington has a shot at the playoffs.

Gus Edwards $7600 – another bowling ball who doesn’t catch passes but… he gets carries and he gets action at the goal line.




Keenan Allen $8400 – he’s injured and a little too chalky for me at the price – this is where I’m going to save.

Corey Davis $6500 – he’s the WR1 in this offense and should get 10 targets.  That’s good enough for me in the cash game.

Mike Williams $7700 –  big play threat AND possession receiver in what could be a tight game.  The Chargers need this game so all hands will be on deck.

Michael Crabtree $5000 – he’s the only WR that Lamar Jackson knows how to throw to I think – so if you spend to much at every other position – here’s your throw away.




Antonio Gates $5500 – this is the worst most inconsistent TE class in recent memory and Gates is no different.  He’s so old too, but is in the best of the four offenses

Jeremy Sprinkle $4900 – Extra sprinkles has never hurt —  this is great value here – he’s cheap and both Reed and Vernon Davis are out.  Because the rest of the TEs are terrible, I expect his owenership to be in the 90% range.




TENNESSEE $5500 – best defense by default because they are up against the worst offense

WASHINGTON $4700 – Washington’s defense is good but streaky – and I don’t think they can stop Derik Henry

BALTIMORE $4500 – This one is baffling because the Ravens are on the road against a top five offense – so there’s no way I’m going here.

LOS ANGELES $4300 – which makes the Los Angeles Charges Defense the best value option of the four.  At home, against a super vanilla offense.


*** All four defenses are good, BUT it’s about turnovers and who has the potential to score***   I still like the value LA brings even though they virtually have no shot at scoring  a TD, or having a return TD


You only can choose a max of four players from a team – so if San Diego has the best offense and you choose the San Diego defense – you only get three offensive players to roster, so choose wisely – #STRATEGY