By Des Boodam


Ok, so just a quick break down of what the next two weeks is going to look like on the daily fantasy football platform.  It’s the playoffs, I don’t need to tell you that, and hopefully your fave team is still alive… #GOPATRIOTS.  If not, you can make things a lot more interesting for yourself if you play the daily game.  I’ve already put out my cash line up, and I feel great about it, although there were a lot more ways to go, than I would’ve liked.  As for the tournament plays, we are looking for those diamond in the rough type players, that can be had on the cheap, but will produce like a 5-star play.  Those obscure players that have held it back all season, and will produce a career high out put is what we are looking for.


I like a 4-6 game slate, but will also play a 2 game slate if I’m bored and just want some action OR if I have an angle on a player or two.  For the next two weeks you have options of playing one 4-game slate or two 2-game slates, so the world is your fantasy oyster.  I’m going to be playing everything, because I think there are unique angles on every roster and the price to pay to play is minimal relative to the reward that is before you.  So this week and next week, I’m going give you 2-3 tournament plays from each of the teams playing , and as long as I’m having success we’ll keep playing.  It’s time to have some fun.



D’onta Foreman RB $4700 – this game has goal line carries for both sides written all over it.  When Foreman is in, he’ll get the rock… two short TD runs would crush value.

KeKe Coutee WR $5600 – Watson will airing this out all game – 30 pass attempts and they ain’t all going to Hopkins.



Chester Rogers WR $5100 – He’s hidden behind TY Hilton – someone has to catch in the slot and on seam routes

Dontrell Inman WR $5500 – He’s hidden behind TY Hilton – someone has to catch in the slot and on seam routes




Justin Jackson RB $5300 – I can see a deviation from Gordon in this one and Jackson having some success.  Plus he can catch.

Hunter Henry TE $4900 – If he plays, he’ll be a pass catcher – I think he plays.



Mark Andrews TE $5900 – This is the definition of NINJA – Jackson prefers his TEs to WRs…

Michael Crabtree WR $4700 …but if he’s going to hit a WR it’s going to be this guy



Mike Davis RB $5700 – When Chris Carson needs a breather – Mike Davis is very capable

Ed Dickson TE $4800 – It’s going to be Ed Dickson or Nick Vannett – flip a coin and choose one – or play two line ups, with each guy.

Nick Vannett TE $4800 – see above




Blake Jarwin TE $5800 – a big game here would make him the next Jason Witten, he’s in a sweet spot.

Allen Hurns WR $4700 – another super sneaky play here, this guy can still catch and the Seattle defense is not good enough to blanket everyone.


Dallas Goedert TE $5400 – when Ertz draws double coverage from LBs, Goedert will prove himself capable – big red zone target too.

Darren Sproles RB $5500


Jordan Howard RB $7600 He’s the best guy on this list but will be low owned up.

Taylor Gabriel WR $5000 Don’t forget about Gabriel’s success early on in the season, these things creep back up in the playoffs.

Anthony Miller WR $4800 – I believe he’s the best WR on this team, even better than Allen Robinson.