Des Boodram



Every week I will give you some Guaranteed Prize Pool (GPP) options for your tournaments in your daily fantasy exploits.  Just a quick recap on the difference between cash games and GPP tournaments.  Cash games which are commonly referred to as 50/50s or double-ups give you the opportunity to win a set amount of cash for submitting a lineup that is better than around half the entrants.  Your max earnings in a cash game are capped.  For example if you enter a 50/50 for $5, and there are 100 entrants the total pool is $500 and the top 50 lineups will win $9 and the bottom 50 will win nothing.  The rest of the pot goes to the site.  In a GPP only a small percentage of the entrants finish in the cash and there is a clear stated prize pool  with a staggered payout depending on where you finish.
Strategies for both types of games should vary, and expectations should be managed in GPPs.  I’m going to take more risks with the GPP lineups I build, and I’m likely going to fill out a dozen unique lineups with a core group of players that I absolutely love.  From there I will get creative and do as much thinking outside the box as possible.  If my core hits, than I’m usually in the cash, but when the payouts really get special is when my NINJA picks strike gold as well.  Here are some super sneaky ninjas I’m looking at in Week 1.


QB – Carson Wentz

No one is more playable at the $7100 price point than Wentz.  He should be low-owned which is a goal in GPPs and he’s got a decent matchup and a bunch of new toys to test drive.  Carson Palmer needn’t be over looked either, but I’m using him in cash


RBs – Tevin Coleman should be considered every week.  He’s not the feature back, but when he comes in for Freeman, he’s a beast.  His usage in the red zone means he’ll have a chance to score every game.


WRs – Zay Jones is super sneaky, regardless of who starts at QB.  He’s currently listed as the WR1 on the team with Jordan Matthews out, and should get about 10 targets as well.

I like John Brown as well, but I think his floor is determinable enough to justify a cash start.

I love Torrey Smith as a super sneaky NINJA as well.  Josh Norman will be on Alshon Jeffrey, which leaves both Torrey Smith and Zach Ertz to control  the flats, with Smith having some deep ball potential.


TE – Coby Fleener would simply be a GPP play, but because Willie Snead is out and Fleener could get 6-8 targets I’m bumping him to cash… but if you need a TE for cheap, you can’t beat $5100 on FD.


DEFENSES – Here’s who I’m rolling with and their Week 1 opponent


Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets – remind me again what the Jets have to play for.

LOS Rams vs Indianapolis Colts – You won’t find any Luck in Indy by Week 1.

Pittsburgh Steeler vs Browns – no way I ever roster anyone from the Browns.

NY Giants vs Dallas Cowboys – this is a good defensive unit, be ware.


Good luck gamers, and remember GPPs are for fun, you cash game pull should funding your tournament play.  Don’t forget, no Tampa Bay at Miami this week as the game was cancelled because of the hurricane.