By Des Boodam


Every team still has 25% of their games remaining aside from Jacksonville and Tennessee of course, but that game had zero fantasy cash game goodness.  The game has gotten simpler as the season progresses, and if there’s one thing I’m coming to grips with, it’s that volume based value plays are still a risky bet.  Last week Austin Eckler was a dud, and Spencer Ware was the value back to go with.  There were a bunch of WRs that were cheap and hit value, but nailing that position down is difficult.  James Connor was out, but that didn’t yield much fruit at all.  Cameron Brate was value pick at the TE position and got an early red zone target only to lay an egg pretty much the whole game…. Ertz and Kelce went off and they are as sure a bet as any two positional players, just not this week.  Time to roll out, and yes I am going to the well again with several players this week


Week 1: 149.30  points – EASY MONEY – CASHED

Week 2: 133.98  points – Escaped – CASHED

Week 3: 119.60  points – Super Gritty – CASHED

Week 4: 174.90  points – Everyone was High – CASHED

Week 5: 113.50  points – That Sucked – NO CASH

Week 6: 132.56  points – C’s get degrees – CASHED

Week 7: 130.80  points –  Blown Coin Flips – CASHED

Week 8 : 118.94  points – Bullet Holes Everywhere – NO CASH

Week 9: 161.42  points – Four Players with Single digits… -still CASHED

Week 10: 95.42  points – What had happened was…

Week 11: 131.0  points – **asterisk** CASHED

Week 12:133.64 points – Low Risk Low Reward – CASHED

Week 13 :121.00 points- Value pick strategy paid off – CASHED




Watson is better at home, and although he didn’t give me what I want, which is 20 points from my QB – he still had a decent game.  I’m not sure why the Texans were so conservative last week, but this week there’s no margin to be conservative.  He will have to let it fly and do the rest with his legs.


RB – LeSean McCoy vs New York Jets


Shady went off a few games ago against the same team on the road to the tune of 24.3 fantasy points.   There’s no reason to believe he won’t get a heavy work load again this week.




He can do anything, anywhere at any time, and I believe he’ll get some volume again this week, with the Panthers needing the W.  Yes I’m going to the well.


WR – Golden Tate @ Dallas Cowboys


I watched Tate and Wentz last week and I like what I saw.  I also like that Philly has no viable running game and Wentz isn’t running, though he does have four reliable targets to throw to.  There’s 8-9 targets there for Tate who is shifty enough to separate from the athletic Dallas Cowboys.  He’s good value


WR – Antonio Brown @ Oakland


Yes I realize the Steelers will be playing ahead in this one, but they aren’t going to have a running game – He’ll get some big time deep balls early, and hopefully often, so I like his upside here.  If the Raiders can make some magic happen on the scoreboard this is even better for Brown


WR – Amari Cooper vs Philadelphia


He’s the easy go-to in Dallas and should get 10 targets in this one.  The Cowboys are in the hunt and they will go with what works.  Ezekiel Elliot could very will be bottled up as part of the Eagles defensive game plan… either way Cooper is a horse.
TE – Cameron Brate vs New Orleans


Another well digger – Brate’s output should be huge in this one.  This will be a shootout, like it was in Week 1, and Brate will be the benefactor of no running game.


FLEX – Austin Ekeler vs Cininnati


The Bengals defense is amongst the worst in the league, if not the worst.  Ekeler who laid a bit of an egg last week, is still the feature back and dirt cheap against a bad defense.  I still have a bad taste in my mouth about last week, but the numbers say it’s a go.



This is a no brainer – even if it doesn’t work out the Bills have the second best defense statistically in the NFL.