By Des Boodam


It was a rough week – that started off quite well and ended horribly.  Too many players in single digits, and not enough players hitting value.  Another whiff at the QB position, which was perpetuated by whiffs at TE, DEF and the FLEX.  I’ve written off half a dozen QBs thus far, and quite frankly I’m running out of QBs that are playable consistently from week to week.  In my defenses the QB position by and large in week 15 was an absolute dumpster fire… Prescott, Brees, Goff, Brady, and Luck all laid monster eggs.  A lot of tournament winners won with either Josh Allen or Kirk Cousins as their QB, but in week 15 Sam Darnold provided way better value.  This season has been different than most in that I’ve struck out at the QB position several times BUT have crushed it at so many other positions that my fantasy shortcomings have been covered up.  Enough small talk – we have two more weeks left, and I want us all to have a little fun.


Week 1: 149.30  points – EASY MONEY – CASHED

Week 2: 133.98  points – Escaped – CASHED

Week 3: 119.60  points – Super Gritty – CASHED

Week 4: 174.90  points – Everyone was High – CASHED

Week 5: 113.50  points – That Sucked – NO CASH

Week 6: 132.56  points – C’s get degrees – CASHED

Week 7: 130.80  points –  Blown Coin Flips – CASHED

Week 8 : 118.94  points – Bullet Holes Everywhere – NO CASH

Week 9: 161.42  points – Four Players with Single digits… -still CASHED

Week 10: 95.42  points – What had happened was… NO CASH

Week 11: 131.0  points – **asterisk** CASHED

Week 12:133.64 points – Low Risk Low Reward – CASHED

Week 13:121.00 points- Value pick strategy paid off – CASHED

Week 14: 129.31 points – Amari Cooper for President – CASHED

Week 15: 100.31 points – Major Sad Face – NO CASH


QB – SAM DARNOLD vs Green Bay

Darnold was impressive at home against the 2nd best defense in the league last week.  At $6700, I don’t need him to get 20 points but he very well could against a Green Bay team that has nothing to play for.



The Cowboys are all in this week, in a must win, against a bad team who will be on the road.  There’s no reason for Jason Garrett not to give him the pill 28 times in this game.



I like the Eagles in this game.   I like Foles to stretch the field giving Smallwood just enough room to make an impact.  I’m not stat chasing here, at $4700 dollars I can’t pass him up.


WR – TY HILTON vs New York Giants

Look at his numbers over the last 7 weeks, they are great.  His floor is super high right now, and has monster games too.  Hopefully the Giants put their best foot forward in this one.


WR – DEVANTE ADAMS at New York Jets

This is contingent on Aaron Rodgers playing.  I believe that Adams has been the most consistent WR this season.  May not lead WRs in any many positions specific stats, but he sure can produce.

WR – ROBERT WOODS at Arizona

I think the Rams will pull it together this week against the Cardinals.  Robert Woods gets a slight edge over Brandin Cooks, and the Rams need this game.  His Value goes way up if Gurleydoesn’t play


TE – EVAN ENGRAM at Indianapolis

Super low price point and super high volume in his last two games.  He’s a cheap TE that gets my required 6 targets per game including action in the red zone.  No OBJ helps too.



I like his floor, but only if Connor plays…. You will need to pivot if Connor plays.

DEF – DALLAS vs Tampa Bay

I’m fine with Tampa scoring, what I want to see is 3-4 turnovers and 3-4 sacks.  I think it could happen, as the Bucs have no soul right now.


I love this line up gamers – so make it happen!!