By Des Boodam


So, I always enter my cash game line up into a about $10 worth of tournaments because you just never know.  Like playing the lottery.  Cash game line ups are usually volume based, and super conservative.  High floor, high ceiling guys who get a lot of touches OR are in a line to get a lot of touches.  Many times my cash game lineup will in fact cash, but do nothing in GPPs.  Sometimes my cash line up may back into some tournament cash, which is fine, but nothing I can retire on.

Since I am officially playing with house money, I am in line to take a few more risks.  I feel pretty good about the game right now, and I am in a good rhythm and intertwined with the players and what their projected output may or may not be.  A lot of times I will stack teams that I think will do well, and they will, but several other teams will come out of the wood work and do better leaving me broke and out in the cold.

So I’m done with stacking teams.  So took interest in stacking games, and did ZERO research.  I looked at VEGAS over/unders for the week and decided to stack up the entire game between Pittsburgh and Kansas City.   So I entered as about ten $2 contests featuring 4-6 players from that game breaking all my cash game rules.  My best lineup netted me 183 points and a cool 15th place finish out of 11,904 competitors.  I chose one game only – and entered 6 lineups, none with Mahomes (major sad face)

This week there are 3 games with over/unders in the 50s’… New England at Detroit, San Francisco at Kansas City and Pittsburgh at Tampa Bay… and I am going to pick two… filling out six rosters for each game with each QB being played three times each.  I am leaving out the New England at Detroit game – primarily because Stafford is not all the way predictable… the one thing that is predictable is that Detroit sucks and will be playing from behind, but will Stafford be able to score at will???  Who knows – so I’m not messing with it.  Brady has too many pass catchers and too many RBs who can score – so nailing a New England stack is will force me to fill out too many rosters… so here a I go…


Kansas City Chiefs


I’m going Patrick Mahomes with Kareem Hunt and at least one to two pass catchers including Tyreek Hill, Sammy Watkins or Travis Kelce.


Pittsburgh Steelers


I’m going Big Ben with James Connor and at least two pass catchers including Ju-Ju Smith Shuster, Antonio Brown, and Jesse James


Tampa Bay Bucaneers – I’m all over Mike Evans and DeSean Jackson and going deep value with OJ Howards and Chris Godwin.


My Value RBs this week are Matt Brieda, Tevin Coleman, Corey Clement, Latavius Murray and Giovani Benard.


My Value WRs this week are Nelson Agholor – I can’t believe his price is so low, but mostly I’m spending big on WRs.


My Value TEs this week are George Kittle and Jesse James.


I love the Bortles to Keelan Cole stack this week – it’s worth a shot.


Good Luck Gamers have some fun with these GPPs.