FANTASY FOOTBALL RELEVANT – New & Notes From Training Camp

By Des Boodam


We are 40 days away from kick off give or take, and there has been some noteworthy news off the field.  The NFL is truly a mess right now, with the anthem issue leading the charge.  It’s a miserable catch 22 for Owners, Players, and fans to be caught up in because neither side is all the way right or all the way wrong and it’s almost a guaranteed that one or both sides is going to feel oppressed.  And that my friends is why we have fantasy football.  To take our minds off of the non-sense that’s in the process of supplanting itself into our fantasy football loving minds.  So forget how Kelvin Benjamin just totally dawged out Cam Newton for being inaccurate, and let’s land the plane on what’s been going on in training camp.


COREY COLEMAN – traded from Cleveland to Buffalo


This doesn’t seem relevant at first sight, but I want to encourage fantasy owners to dig deep on this one.  The Browns were stocked at WR, with Jarvis Landry, and Josh Gordon expected to return, so they could spare Coleman – I am puzzled as to what went behind this decision for the Browns, as they only received a conditional draft pick in return.  This makes perfect sense for the Bills, who are thin at WR and don’t really want to rely on Zay Jones.  Coleman has instant value, and should be considered after the 10th round.  The no reputable QB in place yet at Buffalo, so drafting Coleman could cause some major pain.  In Daily he’s a GPP dream if he gets the QB.


ERIC DECKER – to the Patriots


What are the Patriots doing at WR?  They just cut Jordan Matthews, who should have been their WR3 behind Edelman and Hogan, and who is supremely talented and athletic.  They signed Eric Decker which makes sense, because he was the most qualified FA to play for the Patriots.  Decker caught dozens of passes from Peyton Manning, so catching from Tom Brady is football royalty that he won’t need to adjust to.  I stay away from New England WRs on draft day… but give them all a shot in GPPs in the daily game.


Dalvin Cook and Carson Wentz – Ready for Action??


Please keep an eye on this…and try to keep your excitement at bay.  I love both of these guys from a fantasy perspective.  I do think Wentz will hit the ground running pun or no pun.  All the tools are in place, and he will want to win this thing, every game.  I’m more skeptical of Dalvin Cook whom I loaded up on last season, only to have my heart broken after a promising start.  It’s just tougher for RBs with all the cutting, and contact.  Not that he can’t handle it,  or he doesn’t want to, but getting up to speed is difficult.  This is why I want you to watch it for yourself if the burst is good, and the reports are positive load up on Cook.