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Time to start paying attention to Law Of Average plays. 1 star to 7 stars.

Yesterday LOA went 2-1

We had a 1 star, 3 star, 6 star plays. Not sure if there is any correlation between a team not covering the spread 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 times in a row but the theory is there. Last night PHO covered having not covered 1 time in their last game. MEM did not cover having not covered their last 3 games. MIN covered not having covered their last 6 games. Looking at MIN not covering in their last 6 games before last night means we would have lost 6 games in a row investing on MIN. Do we wait till a team has not covered 6 times in a row? then invest? Hard to say.

So I will keep an eye on teams that qualify each day according to LOA. Its tricky. Do I use opening line or closing line. I will use Covers the next day to see simply if a team covered according to that site. That’s it!

4 teams qualify according to LOA.


Lets see what happens today.