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ATS Staff Writer

If I had the time, I’d start tracking COMPLIMENTARY systems.

Top 5 strongest teams that play best at home in a certain situation…
Worst 5 teams that play worst at away in a certain situation…

Top 5 in May with a certain situation.
Worst 5.

All top 5 vs worst 5.

Top 5 at night, vs worst 5 at night.

Top 5 vs lefty lineups.
Worst 5

Just all kinds of complimentary stats.

If even 1 single complimentary system connects, that’s a big deal.

If even 1 system is valid, that’s a big deal.

What I’m getting at, is that if we have a stat like say, “ALL TEAMS are 150-140 when playing at home in May…”

If we could find the BEST records, and compare them with the teams with the WORST records, we could possibly turn that 150-140 into 170-110 if we pick the right teams.

But it would take time to find the RIGHT consideration. That’s the thing.