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ATS Staff Writer

OK so I capped the Loners for parity in terms of:

Hitting L7G vs All Season
Pitching L3G vs All Season

Without explaining in depth, bats that have been normally good all season but have been bad lately, we assign parity towards.

Same with pitching.

The strongest parity due in terms of hitting is ATL.
The strongest parity due in terms of pitching is OAK.
The stongest parity of both combined is OAK.

Studying parity will take a long time though.
We need to know how Hitting parity stacks up against Pitching parity in terms of which is more effective.

After we put a ration on it, we’ll be able to calculate the combined parity.
If I take this on, I’ll have no time to dilly dally with anything else.
It’s literally a whole new spreadsheet and a whole new area of research.

Let’s see what happens. Why bother? Because if it turns out to be a strong consideration, it will retire me.