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You take the L14 number and subtract the L7 number of Team A.
You take the L14 number and subtract the L7 number of Team B.
You take the Team A total and the Team B total and you subtract them.
If the number is +5 or more, then that team qualifies as an SOS consideration.
NOTE! It doesn’t matter if it’s +5 or +25. They are equally effective, in fact, the highest SOS considerations do a little worse. So don’t go betting 5 units on a SOS 20. Everything is always 1 unit. Make your money by betting winners, not by doubling your bet. 🙂

Any game where the difference between the two teams is 20 or more.

Count all the stars for each team and combine. 5 or more gets the nod.
NOTE! Unlike SOS, more stars, the better. But again, keep it to 1 unit regardless.

RR: Raymond Report. Take the RF and the RA, and if a team is high in BOTH categories, then it gets the nod.
Team A is 3.46RF and 4.33RA
Team B is 4.14RF and 2.33RA

Team B would get the nod.

I don’t count 3.45RF vs 3.42RF as an edge. 3.4x is 3.4x and I DQ that as a pick.

RR w/ GreenvsRed:
These are picks where not only does the RR qualify, but there is a massive difference where the pick that gets the RR nod also is almost all green vs a team that is almost all red.

These picks are picks where ATS is completely 1-sided.
With that said, I took a tally and found that whether there is only 1 instance of an advantage or 2 or 3 or 4, it all factors about the same. I was surprised because I was expecting to see the “single” loners to do slightly less. I’ll have to retrack that and see where it stands but the last I saw, it seems uniform whether a team shows up in 1 area or more than 1.

Loners/RR: Picks that are not only loners but also qualify for the RR category as well.

All that said, if I get hit by a truck, it’s good for this to be on record.
But at the end of the day, I’ll already be doing all of this work, so, if you could find something new to get into and research, that would KICK BUTT, because then when my systems are no longer applicable, (almost all systems are sensitive to the time of season), then I can switch to whatever you’re up to, and vice versa. 🙂

With enough miners, I think we could pretty much be betting red hot systems all year in every sport 🙂

Good luck out there Bon!

Need anything else, JUST ASK!