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ATS Staff Writer

Whoa whoa whoa….BEFORE you rethink that theory…remember my SOS plays? I was flipping 1-6 first 7 games brother šŸ™‚

DANG did things ever turn around after a minute though.

Give it just a moment.

To my thinking, 100 instances is a fair sample.

But even with some of my systems that are 70 games deep, one bad day can turn a system from 60% to 53%.

The sample has to be big enough that 5 games one way or another doesn’t mean anything.

THAT SAID, it doesn’t seem to be as promising as Slaughter plays, but with THAT SAID as well…I could definitely see that psychology having WAY WAY WAY more purchase towards the last half of the season!


These guys KNOW they’ll be on the road and handle all their business. But as the season wears on, and more and more things need to get done, and more and more things start lagging behind…that means the more and more things they’ll have to do when they finally get home. THAT’S where that psychology could get strong, and like I said, we might want to cap pitches who have wives and children for that added home game responsibility. Even re-married pitchers could be a good idea as well. I know last year a pitcher was having marital issues and he threw like a BEAST, but I think he’s the exception, and his streak didn’t last either so…..


Just that one consideration could keep a guy busy!

Also, I think that the returning home psychology would be stronger if they WON their last series on the road/their last game.

If they come home off a lost, they feel they owe their fans.
If they come home off a win, they feel their fans owe them.

Two different mindstates.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents.