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The problem with tonight’s Smart Stat is we have a PVI of 64% this game goes under. That’s high imo. Forecast says 8.95 using a 45 game sample. Still both teams have a 70% and a 58% chance this game goes under. This is what I call conflicting data. As soon as I see this the game becomes a no play. Too bad.

With regards to ARI @ MIA. MIA is coming off scored zero runs their last home game (we have that to consider) Meanwhile we have ARI +13 SOS, higher PVI and forecast supporting ARI. Interesting how Forecast is 2 runs under the actual total.

Too much conflicting data. I pissed away 2.2 units today and I have to admit I am tired of investing in the outcome of sporting events for tonight.

I am about to make my patented home made pizza. Meat lovers, deep dish.

Good luck tonight fellas. Back tomorrow.