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ATS Staff Writer

” … I do appreciate you doing this Sniper.”

I’m not playing games here. I’m here to identify something that might work, theorize it, test it, prove it, and then BET IT FOR LIFE.

Ever since I read about the “Slaughter Plays” I wanted to TEST AND PROVE it. You took the time and did that.

If it turns out to stay at 60% through the season, we some big money ahead of us through the MLB season.

If this Loner+RR continues to connect, we’ll have 2 things we can pound on through the season.

BTW, I missed one, Loner+RR is 16-2 right now.

If there is something to find with the parity, so be it, if not, KEEP DIGGING!

ALSO, let’s not forget something with your system, McGrath, if it fails miserably, then we can bet that way too! 🙂

As long as it doesn’t stay at 50-50, there is a chance that there is some purchase there.

We’ll have to see…but that’s what we’re doing…we’re seeing.

All that said, I was looking at my bet record of late, and I had the same sentiment.

Keep our beaks wet and wait for the money shots to appear. As long as we’re always investigating bigger, better, badder systems, we can do this until we hit a streak. I don’t gotta tell you though, you know the grind better than me!!


Keep your head up Mr. McGrath.

You are a Sports Gambler and if you don’t do it, who will?