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ATS Staff Writer

Parity already caught up.

This system was like a 14-4 system I think or something like that.

20-10 is like 8-4.

So when it was 14-4, it had to catch up to Parity. Yes.

But at 20-10, I think it might be at it’s parity right here, right now.

Parity does not mean “10 wins, 10 losses”.

If Team A is 60-30 through the season, their parity is 2:1.
If Team B is 30-60 through the season, their parity is 1:2.

So if Team A is 3-3 L6G, it means that parity is owed to them.
So if Team B is 3-3 L6G, it means that they owe parity.

We bet Team A and we fade Team B.

A coin flip, yes, has a parity of 50/50.

Sports teams set their own.

Oakland is a beautiful example of that last year.

But we have to cap for injuries…although, it’s possible to say that parity caused those injuries in the first place šŸ˜‰

But that’s “spooky motion at a distance” business right there lol.