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ATS Staff Writer

Matchups Database is actually a bit skinny on suggestions so far today. Very rare not to find decisive factors.

I did see one thing that stuck out:

-When DETROIT played as Road Underdog- Vs LOS ANGELES ANGELS: 2-8 ML (DET)
-When WILSON CRAIG ‘s Team played as Home Team- With a spread between 140 and 160: 20-5 ML (LAA)

Looks like value on LAA.

Also CLE looks strong as well…

-When SEATTLE Played as home team as a Underdog – During Last 5 Years – Won Last Game by 3 Runs or Less: 12-34 ML (SEA)

When CLEVELAND played as Road Favorite- Vs SEATTLE: 16-4 ML (CLE)

Looks like value on CLE as well…