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ATS Staff Writer

CWS@BAL #2: Has BAL ML qualified as a Loner play.

Loners are 90-73.
From Mid-April to May 14th, When teams (BAL#2) are Forecasted with value, and they are priced as chalk, 47-21.

Sadly, we will find ourselves at odds on that second game McGrath.

<Presents dueling pistols>

When ALL TEAMS played as a Underdog Last 5 years: 5373-7243

42% = 0.42

This is why we use decimals.

So if the odds are BAL 2.15 for game one….

0.42 * 2.15 = 0.903.
So no. This doesn’t work. It’s a bad bet at 2.15

1.000 is perfect PK. But since books take anywhere between .04 and .10 vig, a bet would have to be at least 1.05 to 1.11 depending what book you use.

In other words, for this bet to make sense the odds should be at least about 2.55.

0.42 * 2.55 = 1.071

I think it’s high tide that I move back away from American Odds and Guesswork, and move towards Decimal ODds, Calculators, and Spreadsheets.