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ATS Staff Writer

LET’S SAY that the 2nd game of a double header is 800-200 to win (80%) when they lose the 1st as underdog but are chalk in the second.

Then, with THAT consideration, there would be value in that pick. (80% x 1.40 = 1.12)


LET’S SAY also that when a team loses their first game of a double header, but is playing at home, they WIN their 2nd game 80%.

Then the question is, “which ‘chance to win'” do we bank on? Which one makes more sense? Which one is the more potent considersation? Which one speaks more to the facts.

That’s why Slaughter Players are so brilliant. They are the real deal.

Any other considerations that we can use ATS to find, like the Slaughter Play, will have us engaged in this for a very, very long time.