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Are you still with us Bon? So here is the trick to betting CFL 2nd half’s.

You CANNOT have an investment on the game to begin with. You are allowed to have an investment on the total But NOT ats. Trust me on this.

Example: If you invest on Tyson A playing at home vs Tyson B No matter what the 2nd half line is or what the score is you will always re-invest on the team you originally backed in the first place. It’s a psychological thing and it is REAL!!!!

The only way you can objectively watch the first half and decide on who to invest on for the 2nd half is to NOT have an investment on the game In the first place.

Now this is why people aren’t good at betting the 2nd half of football games. Their sub conscious makes them just re-invest on their original team. Mean while I could care a less about who is winning or losing at the half. Having no investment on the game to begin with I can honestly decide who will win the 2nd half.

Most folks like betting on the game ahead of time. It’s fun. Who wants to wait till the half. Nobody. There will be times Bon when you have an investment on the Red Blacks, whole game, and I will come on at halftime and recommend a play on Montreal. Like a Home Umpire… I call’em as I see’em.