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Yep I’m always checking in every now and then!

Sniper: for your opposites theory maybe it would be best to track all every single play then figure out which filter makes it the most successful? Aka 3:1 vs 1:3 or higher/lower!

McGrath: I definitely understand why not wagering on the whole game is important, I’ve fallen into that trap a few times this NBA season! But as Sniper said it would be great to know the finer details of your strategy.

Also while we’re on the CFL topic: I work at Carleton University in Ottawa as a cook, and I learned today that the Redblacks host their training camp on the Carleton campus. All of the players from out of town live in the residence building and I get to feed and meet the players every day! I thought that was pretty cool!

I also really enjoy Snipers value formula. I’ve always tried to use value in my picks but never knew a mathematical way to calculate it. I think that formula will help me out a lot.