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I added to my cheat sheet, how a team does SU versus the posted total.

Example : MIA at NYM

The total is 7.5. MIA is 3-5 with this total. NYM are 5-2 with this total. It’s easy to add to my cheat sheet.

Another example is LAD at STL.

With a total of 7.5 LAD are 2-3, while STL is 8-1 with this total.

Might turn into something or nothing. I have always wondered about this.

It has to be a clear advantage. Here are the games that qualify IMO.

CWS at HOU : 1-7, 2-1. Advantage HOU
MIA at NYM : 3-5, 5-2. Advantage NYM
LAD at STL : 2-3, 8-1. Advantage STL
DET at LAA : 2-5, 9-2. Advantage LAA

We shall see what happens.