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C’mon Texas. We are going for win number 26. I heard this morning on the radio that Mark Buehrle is the winning-est pitcher in Inter league play for all of baseball. 29 wins. He is going tonight in Washington.

So last night I am sitting on the couch and I had zero investments for the day. I turn on the tv and start watching the Jays game. Right away I notice Estrada is into the game and Scherzer just looked dis interested and the Jays were hitting him. I said the Jays are going to win this game. Half way thru the game WAS goes ahead so I look up the live line on the game and TOR is +3.50 So I plunk down 50 smackers and Pillar hits a 3 run home run the very next inning. Jays hang on to win the game. Sometimes it is just better to be lucky.


Maybe I should pick up a steak for tonight. Nice big steak.