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Alright it has been awhile since I invested in the outcome of a basketball game.

So I am thinking after all of these unders in the playoffs between these 2 teams with OT no less, this game has to go over tonight. Is it possible GS has another game where they can’t hit the 3 ball.

That’s what this game comes down too. Will GS hit their 3’s tonight? Will LeBron make 42 points tonight? But as always check the database 1 more time! And low and behold Smart Stats is saying take the under 194 tonight. 7 Green Stars and 2 Blue Stars. Yikes. Ah, man, I so wanted to take the over tonight. The line is creeping upwards and we all now why. Because of folks like us. Might as well bet the over, sit back and enjoy a high scoring game. It’s fun after all. YET here we stand. It’s kind of like Sunday Night baseball. Do what the database is telling you!!

So even though I like the Over tonight, I will stick to the database. I will wait till 3 mins before game time and unless a big move happens I will invest in the Under 194 or higher tonight.

Once again, what are we doing here? Paying to belong to a database and then ignore what it is telling us. As much as I like the over tonight, I will back the under.