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ATS Staff Writer

Last year, MLB, I I was up about 450% my initial investment.
I traditionally capped the WHOLE SEASON because I was trying to write articles that would jive with a logical and in-depth analysis.

Mostly it was chalk I was betting.

And it slew about 200% of my intial bankroll.

If NCAAF and NBA hadn’t treated me as well as they did, I would be in a very bad way.

And from the few times I’ve tried to traditionally handicap MLB this season so far…

DOGS only.

I know traditional capping is fun.
I know traditional capping makes it more worthwhile.

Everyone wants to work for their lunch, but next year, I’ll be betting, I think, 2 spots.

Loners+RR (20-5)
Slaughter (31-12-1)

And I will play *THAT* game until I’m betting nickels and dimes nearly daily.

Loners+RR 25 + Slaughter 44 = 69

April 15th – June 17th = 15+31+17 = 63.

Averaging 1 game a day.

Betting nickels and dimes at at that rate, with systems that average over 2:1 at PK odds???


That’s why I’m here.

I can get behind that.

I’m just trying to find a 3rd 2:1 PK system to add to that, and then a 4th…etc.

I’ve seen the best pitchers, bats, bullpens, vs records, umpire tendencies all go completely sour WAY too often to be comfortable. Like I said -200% my initial investment trying it that way.

NHL is more forgiving. CFL is more forgiving. NBA is more forgiving. NCAAF is more forgiving. NFL is more forgiving.