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Best Books for Professional Sports Gamblers.

Home Forums Sportsbook Reviews Best Books for Professional Sports Gamblers.

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    It’s all about the juice. When you do this everyday, it’s the juice that you’re looking for. There are 2 books that I know of that consistently have the best juice in the game, and are also completely reputable and trustworthy.

    5Dimes. (USA and International)
    Pinnacle. (International Only)

    That’s it. That’s your choices. We’ve seen these books top commercial books from between 5-9 points. So it’s not by a little bit. Professional Sports bettors will take points on the juice for life, anyday, before they care about a 1 time sign-up bonus for a few measly bucks.

    If you’re about making money, these are your go-to books. Plain and simple.
    5Dimes stands at the top because it’s got a massive selection, it’s available for Americans, they have the best juice in the game, so whether casual or professional, they cater directly to whatever every sports-bettor needs.
    If there was a PERFECT book, 5Dimes would be the closest.
    Hands down, and without contention.

    If you want some other books as a more casual gamer, there are some other really great books out there as well:

    Bet365 gives you lives streams so you can watch your game as you play. This is fairly unique and sets them up as a sportsbook leader. Also, their reputation and trustworthiness is A+. (International Only)

    William Hill has been around forever and is another excellent book as well. (International Only)

    You can’t talk about commercial/casual books without bringing up Bookmaker/BetCris. These guys have free to play contests where if you win, you get some big money with no risk. (see They mainly deserve mention because they take American action and because they’re completely reputable and trustworthy.

    For more reviews on some other alternatives visit


    The best review site on the net, by sports handicappers, for sports handicappers:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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