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Smart Stat Thur Oct 26

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    Wed Smart Stat play was a winner. Record now 5-4. Nice rebound for Smart Stat plays last couple of days. In for a penny, in for a pound.

    2 Smart Stat plays for Thurs night.

    ATL@CHI : Under 201. The total is 200.5 so I always buy it up to get off that hook.

    NO@SAC : Over 206. I bought it down to 205 This total is going to be close in my opinion. I did not want to lay more than 204 but looks like folks also like the over and 206 is pushing it. We already know the books inflate the total by 3 points anyways so there you have it.

    While I am at it, people say why do you spend the extra juice to buy a half or full point on spreads or totals? That’s Crazy!! When it comes to the hook I have learned it is well worth getting off that half point. At some point this way of thinking will get me a win. Now I look at it as now I will use those winnings as my hook money! That 1 win will allow me to buy off those hooks for a month. I look at it as an investment. What am I going to do… Cash out and go to the corner store with that 1 game winnings. 100 bucks does not go far. I would rather use 1 win and use that money as hook money. Folks say I am stupid but I think of it as an investment for the future. There I said it. lol. lol. It will pay dividends as the NBA season moves along and lines get tighter.

    Final play.

    ATL@CHI : CHI -2 points for the full game. Down from 3. That’s it for today.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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