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Smart Stat Wed 14

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    Smart Stat play lost last night. Record 82-71.

    Here we go. We have 5 Smart Stat plays for Wednesday. A make it or break it night. 5 plays total. We have to be careful tonight. We could wipe out half of our profits gained so far this first half of the NBA season. Is it worth it? Half of our units in one night with only 2 games left tomorrow before the All Star break. With the entire 2nd half of the regular season still to go. In my experience it is these types of nights that are the hardest. Already folks are moving these totals up and down because this is the last full card before a break in the action. History has taught me to be careful in this type of situation. A lot of these teams and players are looking foreword to having some time off. What type of effort are we going to see from each team and players.

    I for one do not want to take on the risk. 2 weeks ago… Sure. 2 weeks from now…Sure. Tonight… I don’t think so. With the entire 2nd half of the season still to go I would rather protect my units gained rather than risk half of them. So what to do. These 5 Smart Stat plays will count towards the overall record but I am just happy to risk 1/4 units and go to bed knowing whatever happens I am all set up to continue to build the bankroll for the 2nd half of the season when teams and players get back into a more predictable routine. These players are going to take a mini vacation starting tonight and no one really knows what kind of mind set these players are going to be in tonight.

    Why risk all those units. Bankroll management is the key! As ronny always says… Its a marathon, not a sprint. Once again history has taught me to do the prudent thing tonight. Protect thy bankroll. Don’t be greedy or stupid!! Besides players are reporting to spring training this week. We all know what that means.

    Quarter units all around and go to bed a winner, knowing we did the right thing on a crazy night in the NBA.

    CHA@ORL : Over 213
    MIA@PHI : Under 201
    IND@BRK : Under 213
    LAC@BOS : Over 212
    LAL@NO : Over 231

    That’s it for tonight. Its been a Great 1st half to the regular NBA season and I anticipate the 2nd half to be even better. Go Smart Stats!!!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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