RAYMOND TRACK REPORT: TOP 10 HORSE RACING CHECKLIST – Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond gives out his Top 10 Horse Racing Betting Checklist before making a bet. If you're interested in Ron's horse racing tipsheet, make sure to visit https://www.atsstats.com to get the Raymond Track Report and bet his Joker's Wild selections.

Whoever said making money betting on horses was “easy money”?

I can assure you it was not Rodney Dangerfield in the movie Easy Money! In fact, making money betting on horses is incredibly challenging, but can be rewarding if you practice sound money management and patience.


Here are a few checklist pointers you should practice before making your next horse racing bet.

  1. What has come in today? (Due Factor)
  2. What has come in the last 3 races? (Due Factor)
  3. How many horses in this race? See winning percentage chart here. (Percentage Play)
  4. How many of the Top 10 jockeys are in this race? (Top 10 jockeys are 90% ITM)
  5. Which horse in this race can wreck your ticket? (Performance/Experience Factor)
  6. Is there a horse with a Top 10 trainer in this race? (Performance/Experience Factor)
  7. Which horse/jockey combination has the best value in the race? (Value Factor)
  8. Is betting the favorite worth the Risk/Reward Factor? (Value Factor)
  9. What percentage of today’s bankroll do I dedicate to this race? (Money Management)
  10. Is there an opportunity to play an EXACTA or TRIFECTA in this race? (Value Factor)

Bonus Tip: Have a system and stick to it! Too many times gamblers will fall in love with potential payout prices of certain odds on a horse. Understand the difference between a “hope & a prayer”.

About Ron Raymond

Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond has been in the online handicapping industry since 1996 and is the author of Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets which is listed on Amazon.