The Arizona Cardinals are going to be good out of the gates, until they defenses figure out how to game plan for Kyler Murray.  The Cardinals first round pick is in fact the real deal, but he’s not going to be good pre-snap, and so his raw athleticism will be difficult for defenses to scheme against for the first few weeks, similar to Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen.

Those two guys game defenses fits last season while playing for offenses that lacked play makers.  The same should hold this season for Murray and the Cardinals as the open with the Lions, Panthers and Bengals in three of their first five.  You can’t trust a rookie QB on the road, which is why it is difficult to attribute a lot of wins to this team away from home, regardless of how bad their road opponents are.  Murray does have a running game, that if it can stay healthy will be a great outlet for him.  This Arizona is a bit different from teams that have blue chip draft picks on board in that they have a ton of veteran presence between Larry Fitzgerald, Charles Clay, and David Johnson.

Murray should be just fine, even if the Cardinals are not.    The defensive side of the ball could be extremely problematic as they are an experienced bunch but they are not a cohesive unit… yet… and they will lack great team speed.   The Cardinals could survive this.

Arizona Cardinals Total Wins Odds

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  • 2019 Win Total: 5 (over -140/under -120)
  • 2018 Wins: 3

Arizona Cardinals 2019 Schedule

  • Sunday 9/8, 4:25 pm vs. Detroit Lions (DET -2.5)
  • Sunday 9/15, 1:00 pm at Baltimore Ravens
  • Sunday 9/22, 4:05 pm vs. Carolina Panthers
  • Sunday 9/29, 4:05 pm vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • Sunday 10/6, 1:00 pm at Cincinnati Bengals
  • Sunday 10/13, 4:05 pm vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • Sunday 10/20, 1:00 pm at New York Giants
  • Sunday 10/27, 1:00 pm at New Orleans Saints
  • Thursday 10/31 8:20 pm vs. San Francisco 49ers
  • Sunday 11/10, 1:00 pm at Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Sunday 11/17, 4:05 pm at San Francisco 49ers
  • Sunday 12/1, 4:05 pm vs. L.A. Rams
  • Sunday 12/8, 4:25 pm vs. Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Sunday 12/15, 4:05 pm vs. Cleveland Browns
  • Sunday 12/22, 4:25 pm at Seattle Seahawks
  • Sunday 12/29, 4:25 pm at L.A. Rams


X FACTOR: David Johnson – if he can play and can run and can catch and can block…. This team will hit the over with ease, but one should be skeptical.  This offense with Christian Kirk, Larry Fitzgerald and Charles Clay as pass catchers is pretty decent, and throw in a healthy David Johnson that’s 90% of what he was – now that’s an offensive party.  The Cardinals have no depth at running back and so if Johnson even misses a few games, this season will be sunk for the Cardinals.


PREDICTION: 4-12 – This is going to be a tough season again for the Cardinals especially with all of those veterans.  If Murray had just one year under his belt, the path to 6 wins is an easy one to take.  It’s just such a huge X-factor that the Cardinals could really struggle on the road. Taking the under on this one.