The Los Angeles Rams have one of the most glamorous Hollywood-esque schedules in existence.  They play all good teams aside from their own division, the Bengals and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Check out this list of QBs and the hype that surrounds them.  Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Baker Mayfield, Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, Big Ben, and Kyler Murray – this is headlines galore.  Then teams like the Bears and Ravens come to town, while visiting places like Dallas is buzz worthy.  This is what the Rams signed up for when made the move to California, but this is not easy stretch.

A stretch that involves in consecutive weeks Seahawks, 49ers, Falcons Steelers, Bears, and Ravens with the Bengals mixed in is Brutal.  Starting off at Carolina, vs. New Orleans and at Cleveland is no easy way to start a season.  This team is the defending NFC Champions, and they have a schedule worthy enough to show it.  Vegas has this team digressing in a huge way, which makes sense because 13 wins is stellar, and improving on that is difficult.

The tension here for analysts is how do you deal with a team that shows such a great reduction in wins but hasn’t really lost anyone but gets Cooper Kupp back and beefed up in the draft.  Let’s just call a spade a spade, this team is really good.


Los Angeles Rams Total Wins Odds

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  • 2019 Win Total: 10.5 (over 120/under -140)
  • 2018 Wins: 13


Los Angeles Rams 2019 Schedule

  • Sunday 9/8, 1:00 pm at Carolina Panthers
  • Sunday 9/15, 4:25 pm vs. New Orleans Saints
  • Sunday 9/22, 8:20 pm at Cleveland Browns
  • Sunday 9/29, 4:05 pm vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Thursday 10/3, 8:20 pm at Seattle Seahawks
  • Sunday 10/13, 4:05 pm vs. San Francisco 49ers
  • Sunday 10/20, 1:00 pm vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • Sunday 10/27, 1:00 pm at Cincinnati Bengals
  • Sunday 11/10, 4:25 pm at Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Sunday 11/17, 8:20 pm vs. Chicago Bears
  • Monday 11/25, 8:15 pm vs. Baltimore Ravens
  • Sunday 12/1, 4:05 pm at Arizona Cardinals
  • Sunday 12/8, 8:20 pm vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • Sunday 12/15, 4:25 pm at Dallas Cowboys
  • Sunday 12/22, TBD pm at San Francisco 49ers
  • Sunday 12/29, 4:25 pm vs. Arizona Cardinals


X FACTOR: Aaron Donald – the super linemen needs to play all 16 games and bring a high level of energy on every play.  He will almost certainly be double teamed on almost every play, which should free up other playmakers to pressure the QB.  He has to be effective for this defense to be effective.  This team will be in a lot of shoot outs and in games with a lot of passing plays.  This defense needs to be fresh and persistent.  It will interesting to see how this team handles big game after big game – at some point it will catch up with them.


PREDICTION: 13-3 – This team is still the best team in the NFC, until proven other wise.  They don’t improve, but they don’t digress, so take it where you can get it.  The games they lose will most likely because they beat themselves and looked ahead past the current week.  Expect an even more consistent team on both sides of the ball this season.