The Carolina Panthers, have arguably the best playmaking running back in the game in Christian McCaffery based on last years number.

Saquon Barkley has speed, but McCaffery is catching more passes, and has a superior QB getting him the ball.   There’s a major edge in the Carolina O-line too.  Either way with McCaffery, the Panthers have one of the most versatile offenses in the league given Cam Newton stays healthy and upright.  Cam can still has a laser rocket arm and can tuck the ball and run, which is a nightmare for opposing defenses.  The WR unit is up and coming with D.J. Moore and Curtis Samuel providing the youth while Torrey Smith and Chris Hogan will provide the veteran leadership.

The Schedule is challenging but this team has a history of tightening up during the season, and if the defense can compliment the offense in any way this team to a bear to deal with, especially on the offensive side of the ball.


Carolina Panthers Total Wins Odds

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  • 2019 Win Total: 7.7 (over -190/under +160)
  • 2018 Wins: 7

Carolina Panthers 2019 Schedule

  • Sunday 9/8, 1:00 pm vs. L.A. Rams (Rams -3)
  • Thursday 9/12, 8:20 pm vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Sunday 9/22, 4:05 pm at Arizona Cardinals
  • Sunday 9/29, 1:00 pm at Houston Texans
  • Sunday 10/6, 1:00 pm vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Sunday 10/13, 9:30 am at Tamapa Bay Bucaneers
  • Sunday 10/27, 4:05 pm at San Francisco 49ers
  • Sunday 11/3, 1:00 pm vs. Tennessee Titans
  • Sunday 11/10, 1:00 pm at Green Bay Packers
  • Sunday 11/17, 1:00 pm vs. Atlanta Falcons
  • Sunday 11/24, 1:00 pm at New Orleans Saints
  • Sunday 12/1, 1:00 pm vs. Washington Redskins
  • Sunday 12/8, 1:00 pm at Atlanta Falcons
  • Sunday 12/15, 1:00 pm vs. Seattle Seahawks
  • Sunday 12/23, 1:00 pm at Indianapolis Colts
  • Sunday 12/29, 1:00 pm vs. New Orleans Saints


X FACTOR: D.J. Moore – If this kid can figure it out, and catch some passes this season the Panther will be alright.  The Panthers will have a ton of dependable pass catchers which will open the field up for Cam Newton and the rest of the offense.  There’s not much mention of this defense, but they are pretty good too.  This team is built for shoot outs and to come from behind.  Their lack of depth in the running game could come back and haunt the Panthers, but at the least one they have is spectacular.

PREDICTION: 8-8  — this is a better than .500 roster, the only problem is they finish off with the Falcons, Seahawks, Colts and Saints, all playoff teams.  They have some cake games including Washington, Tampa Bay twice, Arizona, Jacksonville and Tennessee.