The Washington Redskins have a boatload of question marks coming at them this season, but lets start with the defense.  The Washington secondary is the core of a defense that is playoff defense and should be fun to watch early in the season.

Eventually they will get burned out, and become average due to an inept offense and fizzle away, quite possibly by the fourth quarter of every game.  The biggest reason they will fail, is because the offense will continuously put them in bad situations.  A defensive unit can be hyped up, but that hype will die off soon enough.  On offense the Redskins have questions at QB.  Dwayne Haskins has been great so far and has impressed coaches at camp.  Will he start, and is he the answer.  Case Keenum will likely start and Haskins will likely need to be ready.   Darius Guice has shown great burst this pre-season, and has gotten everyone’s hopes up.  If he plays, this will solve a huge gap the Redskins have at RB.  Will Jordan Reed stay healthy?

He’s already in concussion protocol.  Trent Williams wants more money, and is willing to sit out, so he claims.  The problem usually always comes down to the dollar, and this situation is no different.  Will Trent Williams be willing to pass up $30M over two years to sit out?  That’s ubsurd.


Dallas Cowboys Total Wins Odds

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  • 2019 Win Total: 6 (over +125/under -145)
  • 2018 Wins: 7


Washington  2019 Schedule

  • Sunday 9/8, 1:00 pm at Philadelphia Eagles (PHI -8.5)
  • Sunday 9/15, 1:00 pm vs. Dallas Cowboys
  • Monday 9/23, 8:15 pm vs. Chicago Bears
  • Sunday 9/29 1:00 pm at New York Giants (NYG -3)
  • Sunday 10/6, 1:00 pm vs. New England Patriots
  • Thursday 10/13, 1:00 pm at Miami Dolphins
  • Sunday 10/20, 1:00 pm vs. San Francisco 49ers
  • Thursday 10/24, 8:20 pm at Minnesota Vikings
  • Sunday 11/3 1:00 pm at Buffalo Bills
  • Sunday 11/17, 1:00 pm vs. New York Jets
  • Sunday 11/24 1:00 pm vs. Detroit Lions
  • Sunday 12/1, 1:00 pm at Carolina Panthers
  • Sunday 12/8, 1:00 pm at Green Bay Packers
  • Sunday 12/15, 1:00 vs. Philadelphia Eagles
  • Sunday 12/22, 1:00 pm vs. New York Giants
  • Sunday 12/29, 1:00 pm at Dallas Cowboys


X FACTOR: Jordan Reed – this dude has got to stay healthy, and the Redskins have got to figure out a way to get him the ball.   He’s young, fast, powerful and athletic, but can’t say on the field.  The Redskins lack playmakers big time, especially pass catching play-makers, so Reed will need to be an active part of the game, while also staying healthy.  This is a tall order, but other than Chris Thompson, who are the Redskins going to get to catch the ball.

PREDICTION: 5-11 – and this is being quite generous.  Four wins has to be in play, but one must consider the amount of veteran presence in in this locker Aaaaaand that defense.  The combination of guys like Chris Thompson, Adrian Peterson, Jordan Reed, Case Keenum and that defense is sure to eek out a few wins.  A lack of depth is perplexing, but taking the under is reasonable.

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