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It was a cash victory in week 12 – but a cheap one by my standards as I didn’t put myself on the hook for one solid line up.  When all was said and done, multiple combinations of my Week 12 recommendations would have landed you in the cash.  Anything with Sam Darnold would’ve put you there, if you went with Jeff Driskel you may have had to kill it with other positions, but for the most part we killed it again.  This week, I am all in with one committed lineup, so join me for some Week 13 cash winning fun.




Week 1 –  165 PTS  – would love to drop the mic right now, but 16 weeks left (CASH)

Week 2 –  125.62 PTS – let’s go streaking (CASH)

Week 3 –  131.00 PTS – a pivot here and a pivot there (CASH)

Week 4 –  110.80 PTS – this felt dirty all over (FAIL)

Week 5 –  177.84 PTS – Ali-like return to the DFS ring (CASH)

Week 6 –  132.50 PTS – The beacon of consistency I am (CASH)

Week 7 –  115.66 PTS – DFS Street Cred is through the roof (CASH)

Week 8 –  121.10 PTS – Thankfully played light (FAIL)

Week 9 –  162.56 PTS – Patting myself on the back (CASH)

Week 10 –170.92 PTS – Show me the MONEY!!! (CASH)

Week 11 –123.50PTS – Another day another dollar (CASH)

Week 12 –137.18PTS – Call me the bus driver (CASH)




QUARTERBACK  – Sam Darnold $7600 at Cincinnati Bengals

There lots to like about Sam Darnold in this matchup.  A 32nd ranked defensive matchup, plus a struggling running for starters.  Darnold also is in a pretty good rhythm with Jameson Crowder, Robbie Anderson and Ryan Griffin.  Price tag is great too.


RUNNING BACK  – Christian McCaffrey $11000 vs. Washington Redskins

Playing the 28th rushing defense in the NFL is already good recipe for success, but combine that with the fact that CMac can catch and the Redskins defense is declining could equate to big numbers.  Naturally he’s been posting big numbers all season, and this week’s game shouldn’t be any different.


RUNNING BACK – Aaron Jones $8000 at New York Giants

I like the Green Bay Packers to go off this week as a whole, which means a heavy dose of Aaron Jones and Aaron Rodgers – The Giants are below average defensively, but the Packer are going to be ticked about getting shut down last week.  Look for Jones to get 20 touches including a bunch in the red zone.




WIDE RECEIVER – DJ Chark Jr. $6900 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

DJ Chark already has a top average FPPG in the daily game, but now he is up against the worst secondary in the NFL.  Chark Jr., Conley or DeDe Westbrook all makes sense.


WIDE RECEIVER – DeVante Parker $6000 vs. Philadelphia Eagles

Parker playing at home against an average Eagles secondary who is top 5 against the run should see double-digit targets in this one.  Parker has finished with 6 double digit outing in his past 8 games including against tough secondary units like Buffalo… twice


WIDE RECEIVER – A.J. Brown $5300 at Indianapolis Colts

I’ve been missing on Brown all season, but he is clearly Ryan Tannehill’s favorite WR.  He has deep ball and red zone potential, and has a healthy floor for being the throw away in this line up.


TIGHTEND – Jack Doyle $5000 vs. Tennessee Titans

With Eric Ebron officially on I.R. I’m officially predicting a 6+ target game with 2 Red Zone targets.  The price is worth the risk in a cash game line up, because the volume should be there.



FLEX – Tyrell Williams $6200 at Kanas City Chiefs

This game is fixing to be a type of shoot out, and Williams is as slippery as they come.  No Hunter Renfro should equal a few more targets.  Williams hasn’t been as red hot lately, but he is still getting target in games the Raiders are losing and has success against Kanas City already this season.


DEFENSE  – BALTIMORE RAVENS $4000 vs. San Francisco 49ers


This is a no brainer, and there’s no way the Ravens should be this cheap even though they are facing a 10-1 team.  The Ravens have playmakers all across this defense, and the 49ers have yet to play a defense half this good.  The 49ers are good, but this price is too good to pass up.