Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast – Show #7

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Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast Show #7 – Today on the Raymond Report NFL Sports Betting Podcast with Ross Benjamin, our expert handicappers previewed the AFC and NFC West division and both sports handicappers gave you their regular season wins prediction for each team in the division, including the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.
Ron and Ross disagree on the number of seasons wins for the Seattle Seahawks, but you will have to watch today’s podcast to see which side our experts are on!
Plus, do not miss the “Sports Betting 101” segment at the beginning of today’s show for Tuesday, July 21, 2020, as Ron and Ross share one of their top sports betting secrets, which you can use on the first NFL Game of the Year between the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs.
The Raymond Report with Ross Benjamin is a sports betting podcast delivering knowledge and sports betting tips from two of the most experience handicappers in the industry.
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Today’s Show Segments:

• Intro: (0:00) to (6:05)
• Sports Betting 101 – (Betting Tips): (6:05) to (22:00)
• NFC West – San Francisco 49ers Preview: (22:00 to 26:51)
• NFC West – Seattle Seahawks: (26:51 to 31:11)
• NFC West – St. Louis Rams: (31:11 to 36:50)
• NFC West – Arizona Cardinals: (36:50 to 41:57)
• AFC West – Kansas City Chiefs: (41:57 to 45:10)
• AFC West – Denver Broncos: (45:10 to 51:04)
• AFC West – Las Vegas Raiders: (51:04 to 58:04)
• AFC West – Los Angels Chargers: (58:04 to 1:05:28)
• Best Bet Prediction: (1:05:28 to 1:11:13)
• End: (1:11:13)