Week 11 was precisely mediocre relative to the rest of the weeks this season.  Easy weeks have been few and far between, and there have been fewer 7-0 payouts through 11 weeks this season than in any of the previous 3 years since we began tracking results.

This should tell you that game-outcome is tough to predict, and finishing above 55% accuracy on correct picks warrants you a reputable title in the betting world.  If 59% makes you a pro, it is easy to understand how hard this game is, and if you strung together 17 good weeks one season, can you match it the next season.  This week, scores were mediocre, not high at all, but not nearly as bad as most weeks.

There are still angles to play, and the field is still generally right just over 50% of the time on consensus picks.  What was missing thankfully, was a gross amount of negative scores, so consider this an improvement, though Vegas still got the better of us.  No matter how you cut the World Series of Handicapping contest is amongst the hardest ATS contests around – it will rip out your soul, crumple it up into a useless ball, and toss it into one of those cheesy trashcans with the basketball goal over top of it.  On the other hand it never promised to be easy.

Props must go to our the contestant who landed the weekly high score Hawkdog who despite having a 5-2 record scored 21.70, good for tops in the league.  There were a bunch of 6-1 outcomes but all of those blew a game that was assigned a high confidence value.  Picks were all over the board amongst the top 10 scorers this week with the 10th highest score only getting 11.20 points… ewww!

Had San Francisco got to kick the extra point at the end of the game 7 of the top 10 scorers would’ve been screwed.  There were a few more over/under selections than normal, but after this week, those gamers are likely to stick to picking ATS.  With their top finish in Week 11, Hawkdog finds themselves in 8th place… more props to follow.Madcow1120 remains the top cow with a 44-30-3 record and 54.60 points.

In second place dja1989 is right there with a 42-32-3 record and only one point behind with a 53.60 point total.  Remember HisAwesomeness??? They finished week 11 in the negative, and fell out of the top 15 – which shows you how quickly the tides can change.

See you at the end of the week gamers.