It was a weird week to say the least for the players at the World Series of Handicapping Pro Football contest season number 8.  After posting an amazing bounce back in Week 14 – this past week was a little rough around the edges.  Scores came in below the mean, and we’ve had better weeks, but the standings were still a bit top heavy, meaning a good chunk of participants posted respectable scores.  It wasn’t all bad.

What was most interesting, was that of the top 11 scores in Week 15, none of them were in the top 10 of the standings after week 14, meaning everyone in the top 10 finished pretty much in the negative.

The 12th place finisher this week, had a whopping 3.12 points, and everyone else in the top 10 finished behind him.  I should mention that even though two of the Week 15 top 10 finishers were NOT in the top 10 after week 14, they have now moved into the top 10 overall, but they are just squeeked in.  It truly is amazing that of all top dogs after week 14, none of them were able to crack the top overall scores in week 15.

There’s two weeks left in the season – and there are no more pretenders, only contenders and everyone else.  We still need to hand out some props to those who have achieved success in this ever challenging World Series of Handicapping contest.

Props goes out to our stand alone week winner KargoPunts who was the only contestant this week to notch 6 wins finishing with a 6-1 record and weekly high score of 25.90 points.  Also I must say because KargoPunts, much like myself, has lived in the a state of heightened mediocrity the context of this contest, I’ve never noticed that they may easily have the best name in the contest this year. It’s a great play on words, and actual Cargo Pants are a super relatable thing, so props to the KargoPunts on a great week despite being in the red on the season.
The gap between first and second has narrowed tremendously has everyone had bad weeks, and “Hockey” in particular had a forgettable week.  The gap however is only narrowed, but still substantial as Hockey heads into the penultimate week with an impressive 67-34-4 record with a score of 73.20 points.


In second, but still with major work to be done and needing two strong weeks is Madcow1120 who has 57-42-6 with a score of 53.90.  If the later can somehow pull off the championship, it would be a comeback for the ages.  Madcow1120 will need to make another major move in week 16, so next week’s article could go one of two ways… victory speech OR epic final week showdown.  See you at the end of the week gamers.