Week 5 had a few major surprises this week resulting in some major point variation, with some making a move and others getting bombed.  When teams like Arizona win their first game and Oakland beat Chicago, there’s a lot moving that happens, especially with so much money on Chicago.  The Bills and Colts also went on the road and won, while the Denver Broncos did the same thing, winning their first game of the season.  That’s five games that many were on the wrong side of.  Plus half a dozen games that were basic coin flips – Green Bay, Carolina, Baltimore, Seattle and Houston — it was a good week to bet road teams, underdogs and the under.  Let’s check out who was on point.


Props to one of the greatest names to come across the weekly props list in recent memory – a World Series of Handicapping member named HisAwesomeness came through strong with a 6-0-1 record for a total of 26.00 points and came a JuJu fumble away from going 7-0.  Not the worst beat, but bad enough, but all in all a great week.  Fingers crossed HisAwesomeness continues their winning ways – because there’s nothing more annoying than seeing a name like that at the top of the standings.  Last week the top three competitors chose all game outcomes and opted to select no over/under outcomes.  This week was much different, as the top two point getters selected several over/under outcomes.


Props to Madcow1120 who is currently 22-12-1 with 39.30 points, only five points ahead of azcak who has a 20-13-2 record.  Don’t think confidence point value assignments matter?  I’m currently in 11th place aka boxscoreprophet.  My record is 20-14-1 and I only have a total of 14 points.  Azcak is a full 20 points ahead of me, and we pretty much have the same record.  There’s nothing to say except “do better”

So what happened to “Hockey” you ask?  Well they only went 3-4, but now have a negative fourteen (-14) blemish on their record in week 5.  So Madcow1120 must have had a monster week 5 to move up into first place right?  Negative ghost rider – our current leader slowly chipped away at the lead putting together 5 really consistent weeks scoring only 7 points this past week, and it was plenty to make the move.


Like I said, crazy week this week 5 was – a lot of major upsets, and a lot of projected upsets that never played out.  If you survived – props to you, but it’s back to the grind, and if you crapped the bed, clean yourself off and bounce back.  In the meantime, have a great week, and we will see you at the end the week with our analysis of the consensus picks.